Binary Options Brokers That Allow USA Traders

There might not be a hotter investment vehicle right now than the world of binary option trading. Literally as simple as choosing whether or not a given stock, commodity, or currency will see its value go up or down inside of a given period of time, people all over the planet are finally tapping into the kind of financial leverage that has created a bedrock of wealth for many of the world’s power elite. Except for most folks in the US, that is.

Due to some of the more archaic rules and regulations regarding investments and trading in the US, you might have a bit of a hard time finding binary option brokers who allow US traders – but it’s not impossible.


There are a million and one different reasons why binary options have been disallowed to US citizens (at least people who are living in the US while trying to sign up and access a broker), including anything and everything from it being considered by lawmakers a new form of gambling to the simple fact that the lawmakers have yet to move quickly enough in adapting to the modern world’s way of doing business. Tools and technology almost always outpaces the rules and regulations governing their use. While it’s possible that we’ll see a change in these crazy laws in the future (most likely right after the lawmakers find a way to make money off of your hard work and investment capital), there are still options to circumvent the rules, so to speak, and legally use brokers who allow US traders.

But you’ll need to either do a bit of digging to find them, or rely on the list below.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the more popular sites that accept US traders as a reference guide

Just a quick note you need to pay attention to before you read on about the sites that accept US traders below. This list is strictly for information uses only, and is not the be all end all to the legality of using these brokers who allow US traders. You’ll have to make your own decisions as to whether or not you feel comfortable moving forward with any of the sites that accept US traders, and that decision will be and will always be yours and yours alone. This list is complete and accurate as of the time of this publishing, but all things on the web are subject to change and you might want to do your own research as to which brokers who allow US traders would be the best choice for your own needs.

Most brokers these days are turning away USA traders because of European regulation.